Poetry – Podcast

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The Story

End of the Line – Part 3 of the Holmes and Watson investigation. Holmes must capture the Jewel thief and discover the strange reasoning to why they are committing this crime.

What You Will Learn About:

  • Narrative Poems
  • Poems that follow a Pattern
  • Shape Poetry
  • Concrete Poetry
  • Nonsense Poetry
  • Features of Poetry

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The Issue with Summer term holidays!

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According to BBC research, since the government introduced bans on term time holidays, there has been a massive increase on parental fines in England.

The research was conducted with 118 councils (3/4 in England).

Since the law was introduced in September 2013 there has been over 64,000 fines issued. That’s a 70% rise.

The reason behind this stems from holiday companies sharply rising their prices during school holidays. This is because of the increase in people who want a holiday during this time.

Parents have been signing petitions demanding that holiday makers should keep their prices at the same level through-out the year.

To put the high prices into perspective, it’s cheaper for parents to take the fine and go on holiday during school term than it is to go during the summer holidays.

The fine at the moment is £60 per child absent, which rises to £120 if the fine is not paid within £120 days.

So how can the government sort this out? Increase the fines or clamp down on holiday company prices.

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