Children being taught in 70+ classes

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According to recent surveys hundreds of children are now being taught in classes with more than 70 pupils in them.

This has been put down to the sudden rise in a baby boom around the Uk, as well as rising immigration figures.

There are now over 90,000 classes with more than 30 pupils in them. This figure has trebled over the past four years.

However the Department for Education found some disturbing figures that revealed 6 primary schools had 1 teacher to 70 students, while 100 schools had 1 teacher to 50 students.

It is feared by 2020 the number of pupils in large classes will reach almost half a million,

So is this a major problem that needs to be fixed? Don’t we need more one-to-one teaching?

And how can we fix this problem? Maybe more teachers are needed or bigger schools built? Whatever the issue something needs to be done soon or the student to teacher ratio could get out of control.



Kidscorner ALS Ice Bucket ChallengeKidscorner ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Evening everyone,

As I’m sure you’re aware, everyone has been accepting their nomination for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, while sending their donations in via text.

I was nominated and have accepted the challenge  of the Kidscorner ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, while donating on behalf of Kidscorner Education. I have attached the video above, so please enjoy watching.

Please do donate to a worthy cause, to any charity, while everyone across the world is participating with these challenges, to help fund for research in curing a number of diseases with is effecting everyone in some way or another.

In the mean time, please do let us know how you get on with any nominations you have received, and I look forward to hearing from you.


You will be able to find this video on our Facebook page, and please so also add us on Twitter @KidscornerED.


That is it for tonight!

The Issue with Summer term holidays!

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According to BBC research, since the government introduced bans on term time holidays, there has been a massive increase on parental fines in England.

The research was conducted with 118 councils (3/4 in England).

Since the law was introduced in September 2013 there has been over 64,000 fines issued. That’s a 70% rise.

The reason behind this stems from holiday companies sharply rising their prices during school holidays. This is because of the increase in people who want a holiday during this time.

Parents have been signing petitions demanding that holiday makers should keep their prices at the same level through-out the year.

To put the high prices into perspective, it’s cheaper for parents to take the fine and go on holiday during school term than it is to go during the summer holidays.

The fine at the moment is £60 per child absent, which rises to £120 if the fine is not paid within £120 days.

So how can the government sort this out? Increase the fines or clamp down on holiday company prices.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

David Hoare is named as the new Ofsted chief

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The new education secretary Nicky Morgan has appointed David Hoare as the new Ofsted chief.

Mr Hoare was appointed because of his previous 30 years of business experience.

The post became available in February, when chairman Baroness Morgan failed to agree upon a new contract with the ministers.

Hoare was formally a trustee of the large academy chain AET (The Academies Enterprise Trust). He was brought in to help with it’s difficulties.

The AET helps to run around 70 state-funded schools, however in March was told it was not allowed to take over any more.

The problem came about when Ofsted criticised some AET academies saying they failed standards.

Mr Hoare will take his new role at Ofsted this September.

Does changes to the insurance scheme mean the government is endangering school children?

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Yesterday it was claimed that children could be at risk because of a new insurance scheme put forward by the government.

The scheme means that it will remove incentives for schools to keep their buildings as safe as possible.

Many people including parents and schools are urging the Department of Education to think again on it’s proposal for a risk pooling arrangement (RPA) for free schools and academies.

At present schools and academies can buy insurance in an open market, only having to pay an amount which is based on the level of risk to their school.

This will all change from September 1st, when they will have the choice of going into a new scheme, which the government will pay just £25 a student regardless of the risk.

The worry is that the new scheme will mean a rise in the taxpayers bill and could potentially comprise pupils safety.

So what do you think about this new scheme? Let us know in the comments below.

Cabinet reshuffle sees Gove gone

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Paul Clarke [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Credit to Paul Clarke [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Education secretary Micheal Gove has left his post as David Cameron carried out a cabinet reshuffle.

After four years as Education secretary, Mr Gove has taken the the post of Government Chief Whip, election consigliere and “minister for the Today programme”.

His salary is said to fall from £134,565 to £98,740, and he loses full Cabinet membership.

Throughout his time in cabinet, Mr Gove has pushed through controversial reforms such as the rise and growth of free schools, along with changes to the national curriculum such as five year olds having to learn fractions.

The new Education Secretary is Nicky Morgan, who is a former corporate lawyer from Surrey and it is a big promotion for the MP, who became a Treasury minister last October and Minister for Women in April 2014.

Prime minster David Cameron however, insists that Michael Gove has been handed “one of the most important jobs” in government.

What do you think? Has Michael Gove been promoted or demoted? Will this reshuffle help strengthen our Education system?

National Union of Teachers go on strike

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As of today (July 10), members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) are to join firefighters, civil servants, health and councils workers for a one day strike.

The strike which is taking place across England and Wales, is the biggest walkout since the coalition government came to power, with more than a million people expected to take part.

The NUT, having been in controversy with the coalition government for more than two years – about working conditions, pay and pensions – are calling on members in state schools and sixth form colleges to join them and take part in the strike.

According to a report from The Telegraph, The NUT says that teachers are made to work 60 hours a week, and are faced with the prospect of working up until the age of 68.

Staff are also left feeling melancholy with the plans the government have to axe the national teacher pay system, as the pay structure will be substituted by performance related pay.

The NUT want the strike to make Education Secretary Michael Gove tackle the workload, the pay system and retirement age for teachers.  The Telegraph also report that the NUT wants the Government to reduce the number of Ofsted inspections conducted in schools as it will give teachers more time to focus on their lessons.

What do you think about this? Will it help?