Children being taught in 70+ classes

By August 30, 2014 February 17th, 2015 News


According to recent surveys hundreds of children are now being taught in classes with more than 70 pupils in them.

This has been put down to the sudden rise in a baby boom around the Uk, as well as rising immigration figures.

There are now over 90,000 classes with more than 30 pupils in them. This figure has trebled over the past four years.

However the Department for Education found some disturbing figures that revealed 6 primary schools had 1 teacher to 70 students, while 100 schools had 1 teacher to 50 students.

It is feared by 2020 the number of pupils in large classes will reach almost half a million,

So is this a major problem that needs to be fixed? Don’t we need more one-to-one teaching?

And how can we fix this problem? Maybe more teachers are needed or bigger schools built? Whatever the issue something needs to be done soon or the student to teacher ratio could get out of control.



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