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By August 21, 2014 February 17th, 2015 Kids' Corner News, Team Members


I thought I would do a special blog post as it’s been GCSE results day today.

So as all the students today went to gather their GCSE results wondering what the future might hold for them, it took me back to when I got mine.

I remember it very well because it was just a day before my birthday.

After all those years studying, revising, worrying and trying to avoid homework, it all comes down to those final weeks of exams.

You really do look back and wonder what if. What if I studied harder. What if I did more homework. What if i listened harder in class.

But then again you can only do your best in life. I wouldn’t have changed my years at school any other way. They define you and make you into the person you are today.

As I look back on exams all you really had was text books and notes to read from. Endless and endless pages of words. If you think about it, exams are just one big memory test.

This is one of the reasons I set up Kids’ Corner Education. I wanted to provide another way of revision that I would have found so useful when I was younger. If i had these podcasts to listen to I’m more than sure I would have took more information in.

Here at Kids’ Corner Education our aim is YOUR aim. To provide children with the best possible education so that they have the chance and opportunity to become who they want to be. Theres nothing more important for children to achieve their aims and goals in life so that they have a happy and enjoyable future. So thats what we have done, we have created a different way of learning, which is hard to come by.

Our podcasts will give KS2 children a fantastic springboard and a pathway to their future GCSE’s. So that one day in the future they will get the results they wished for.


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