Chris’ Blog Post 5 – Bitesize Audio

By March 5, 2015 Team Members


So it’s been a busy couple of months for the team here at Kids Corner. Editing, scriptwriting, sound recording, website updates you name it we’ve been doing it. Our goal is to be the best learning resource site in the UK and and team is working around the clock to achieve this.

I’ve been asked many a time why our audio stories are in bitesize chunks.

Well it’s simple when you think about it. Most children of the ages of 7-11 have an attention span of 10-20 minutes. Not long really when you think about it. This is why our stories are spilt into parts. This way the child can listen to a 3 minute story which they can enjoy and take in information without loosing interest. The bitesize chunks also mean they can be played over and over again until the child understands all the information which is given to them, without taking up to much time. How do we get all the information in such a small amount of time? Well thats¬†down to the hard work by our team. Short, sweet, entertaining and jam packed with educational information. Thats our bitesize audio stories.

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