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By August 26, 2014 Kids' Corner News, Team Members


Evening everyone,

It’s been a while since I last blogged on our website – Sorry for this, I have been very busy as I’m sure you guys have as well.

As Chris mentioned in his blog earlier this month, at Kids’ Corner Education we have been very busy to get our website ready for the new school year.

On this note, this brings me on to my next update! Over the September period we will be working with a number of Voice Over actors to finish recording our History podcasts. This will cover a number of topics, such as World War I, World War II, Victorian Britain, Roman’s, The Vikings and The Tudors.

By September the amount of podcasts for kids available will be phenomenal. If everything goes according to plan we will have over 250 podcasts, with 420+ minutes of audio covering 130+ subject topics.

Chris has also finished editing our French Podcasts, which means we now have 2 languages available to our listeners, so please feel free to sign up and listen to these as much as you want, at http://members.kidscornereducation.com/.


We will speak with you guys soon!



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