Elliott’s Blog – Post 1

By July 21, 2014 August 11th, 2014 Team Members

Evening All,


As Chris mentioned, we are starting a weekly blog from the founders and staff on our Kids’ Corner Education website, to get you guys to feel like we are reachable, when ever you need us!

So what is the plan for this week for me?

Apart from constantly working on the website, catching up with news within education which as you can probably imagine, changes on a daily basis and working closely with the voice over actors; I am in the studio this week recording some French Language scripts with one of our voice over actors.

These podcasts for kids will be up on the site very soon, for your children and class to enjoy!

In the mean time, please sign up to our members website, which currently holds over 150 podcasts which are between 2-3 minutes long for your children to listen to or your class, if this applies to you, to help aid them with revision which you can find at members.kidscornereducation.com




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