What others say about our educational audio books

This website really understands how young people think! Kids’ Corner makes use of the fact that kids have access to (and use) their phones, computers and laptops more than ever before. It’s definitely made learning relevant and interactive online! It’s a great new way to learn academic subjects!

Rickie Haywood Williams, Kiss FM Breakfast Show, London

Kids’ Corner Education has helped me to engage my pupils with their learning. The educational stories offer a wide range of learning materials, which come in useful for many subjects and the children love to use them for help with their own academic achievement. My only concern was the signing up process and the fee to be paid monthly. However, neither of these became an issue; the signing up was quick and simple and the fee is well worth paying as the contents they deliver is extremely beneficial for the children. I have found a number of benefits throughout using the podcasts. They accommodate for every learning style and promote creative thinking and the use of imagination; along with considering differentiation within classes, which is an extremely important aspect within a classroom.

Annie Radley, Primary School Teacher, Lincoln

Kids’ Corner have looked at how young people interact with their media and embraced that. This is solidly grounded in educational theory. It’s bright, interactive and gives young people information in an entertaining narrative. What’s more it’s in manageable chunks.

Dylan Roys, Senior Lecturer in Radio and Sound, Lincoln University

As an experienced Broadcaster and University Lecturer, I know first hand, how young people learn in different ways and need a range of creative approaches. We all learn in different ways. Podcasting is a fun, easily accessible way for youngsters to learn and listen using sound. Audio is a very powerful way of getting information across in an accessible way. Why else would millions of people across the UK tune into their radio or download audio? More importantly children, who are often on their phones and devices, can access podcasts themselves, encouraging their own independence and learning.

Zara Healy, Senior Lecturer in Radio and Sound, Lincoln University

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